Mastering Business Analytics: The real MBA for career success, Step-by-Step



Hard-science degree holders:

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Are you effectively leveraging your analytical skills?

No, that's not intended to be, nor should it be construed as, a frivolous question. Business demands high-order problem solving ability; you have that.

More importantly, business success demands problem recognition, a far more rare ability. Beyond these two abilities, lies the third and most important ability — to be able to communicate what you know ... and to get others (read: your boss) to act on it.

The quickest route up the organizational ladder is via making your boss (and your boss's boss, etc.) look good. Plus, as you establish yourself as THE person "to get the job done," you'll find yourself leading important presentations.

Quick career strategy sidebar. Actual defensible, scientific studies have established that speaking in public is one of our two* most deeply seated fears. Get over it! If you're giving a presentation, you're, almost assuredly, the lowest ranking soul in the room. Work it for all that's it's worth; it's your chance to shine.

BTW, don't "write a mystery," lead with your "best shot." If the head-honcho in attendence vocally "buys" your argument at that point, you've won. Point, game, set, & match. Who's likely to question the leader's choice? Oh, and take your cue from successful salesfolk: Selling starts when the answer's, "no"; stop talking when the answer's, "yes."

The REAL question, of course, is how do you start to get comfortable in making these sorts of presentations? The ISA core courses, click here.



* The other is appearing naked in public.