Mastering Business Analytics: The real MBA for career success, Step-by-Step


A Gentle Tutorial in plain English.

Coming soon.

In order to play-along-at-home, you'll need to have both Solver and the Analytical Toolpak (Excel add-ins) installed. Sadly, the consequence of Mr. Gates's insistence upon grubbing the odd farthing from Dr. Fulstra (Google him) by withholding these two add-ins from the default install, lands upon you. So, find your Excel (MS Office) cd and do a reinstall / "add" to load them, if necessary. Offer thanks to Mr. Bill while doing so....

Once you've de-lobotomized your copy of Excel, go to "Downloads" and take, "Excel REAL basics," for a quick review of basic features of Excel. Prospective students, we expect our arriving students to have already mastered what's covered in that file.

If we get feedback to warrant it, we'll put up a detailed section explaining risk, applied probability, Black-Scholes, and real options. Until then, here's an interesting if breezy article from McKinsey on credit derivative risk.