These shouldn't require explanation:

Excerpted from a very long note:
As a multi-degreed engineer, I have long been regarded as a highly effective analyst and internal sales consultant here at XXX. I have, also, developed the reputation of being quite a tree-killer. Since adopting the techniques you stress, I've boosted my analyst reputation and lost the tree-killer moniker.

In our big-ticket realm, sales efforts tend to be measured in years. Last weekend I flew to Germany to initiate such a sales undertaking. To everyone's amazement (not least mine), by week's end, our team and I managed to close the largest sale in our industry's history ... in only ONE WEEK!

I had prepared an exhaustive model of the impact of the proposed sale on the prospective customer's financial statements. I had, of course, established a top-line projection using Monte Carlo simulation. I had succumbed to "spinner-itis," but no one could say that I had overlooked anything important. I followed your mantra of exhaustively exploring a model's relevant bounds and running Solver to death. I religiously "practiced my ad libs the night before, too." (Week, actually.)

The first day's session blew them away. On the second and third days, they made an attempt at poking holes in my analysis. They then requested a copy of my Excel model, which I gave them. (They had no way to run the simulation portion, so they probably hard-wired related key inputs.)

By the end of the fourth day, it looked as though we'd eventually come to terms and make a deal at some point after they'd shopped it. To our entire team's amazement, on Friday morning, their lawyers joined our meeting at around 10:30AM. They had a draft contract conforming to the customer's terms. We immediately emailed [a digital copy of] it back to NY with a follow-up phone call explaining the situation. By 7:00PM, we had a signed contract and had closed the deal!

I can't let you have a copy of the Excel model, but I'll fly up to the institute and show it to you whenever you like.


Well, I had my doubts about your stated goal of preparing us for two promotions within 2 years. Well, I've been "out" 14 months now. I just got my fourth promotion. I believe, I believe, I believe!


Thanks for making finance and ABC [accounting] relevant and practical. I've been able to make it a career. I was hired last year as the CIO of the biggest xxxx company in the world and they just added SVP to the title. I'm on track!

I'm now getting deeply involved in corporate strategic meetings ... being able to demonstrate in realtime the potential financial consequences of tactical alternatives has been a real career maker for me.


Okay, my grad-school roommate was right and I'm glad she talked me into taking the Core. As you already know, we've both become Geek Goddesses! Maybe someday old GEnerous will have a female engineer CEO ... someday.


You were right, mathematics, economics, and accounting ARE multi-lingual. My English may not still be so good, but everyone speaks Excel and graphs, so who cares?