Tuition: We deem this to be an indictment of the academe.

Credible, open-enrollment courses run from AMA ($1048/day and up) to Chicago ($1450) to Wharton ($1750). Dartmouth, at $1640, bless 'em, throws in room & board. Worse than daily tuition rates, coverage roughly commensurate with our Core requires a bunch of courses. Of the above, the worst offender is the AMA, requiring 47(!!!) days and totaling $57,805.

Unbelievably, it gets even worse. No matter how many you take, NONE provides any quantitative analytics. ALL target working-Joes with typical baccalaureate, non-preparation in mathematics. While most reflect the good sense to remain silent on analytics and computation, one of the AMA's ($1998/day!) in advanced (?!?) finance trumpets the stipulation that participants bring <no joke> an HP-12c. How's that for high-tech quant?

How far we've fallen from the Greek model of the academe.